But does that make me materialistic?

There is something about a hotel robe that makes me giddy. I put it on, instinctively find a mirror, squeeze my shoulders up and smile the biggest smile. It’s the luxury of the experience, I think, that makes it so appealing. But does that make me materialistic?

I’ve never considered myself a materialistic person. I’m a minimalist. I find my robe  happiness in experiences, not things. That’s how I choose to spend my money. So maybe, that’s it. A soft, white hotel robe is a luxury that I am not likely to spend money on. Only when I happen to find one tucked away in a guest room closet just for me will I get to experience its power to make me smile. It’s the rarity of the experience that makes me giddy.

In this moment, it takes self-discipline not to search amazon.com for the fluffiest, knee-length robe to purchase and find at my door step in just two days. In this moment, I am faced with a decision that will affect my happiness for all future hotel room stays. Isn’t this what life is all about? Finding moments of genuine joy and cherishing them? They give a person both happy memories to look back on and something to look forward to.

Now look, Brooke. Live in the moment. Get excited about the next hotel robe you find!

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